Straight Outta Office - SOO

Office is a special world in itself. Office life has it’s own ups and downs. Straight out of office gives us a lovely glimpse of office romance and friendships. There’s joy , sadness and loads of fun.

We all have that one nasty manager in our office who always gives us trouble.
The second episode gives us a glimpse of one such manager.
Even as the boys suffer it’s a complete fun ride for the audience.

Once we get used to the workplace it’s a roller coaster ride as friends become strangers and strangers become friends.

When Life becomes a Mess | Episode 04

There are times when it is very difficult to maintain a proper balance between personal and professional lives.
The 4th episode takes a serious turn as everyone is caught up in their own mess.
Will they be able to come out of it ? Watch and find out.

When Friends Turn into Family | Episode 05

All of us deserve our very own happy ending.
There comes a time in our office life when everything falls in place.
In this one too after all the ups and downs everything gets their own happy ending filled with joyful twists and turns.