Corona cartoon fight

Once upon a time in China there was shinchan and doreamon. They went for a trip to India. They went to see motu and Patlu house. Years passed 2020 came. One day in news they all saw that there are person named corona and they are killing others but police could not arrest them. The corona people came to motu Patlu house. Seeing them the all four escaped through window and went to samosa shop. Actually motu will get extra power if he eats samosa. Doreamon also got an idea that he gets power through his machine. The corona people came near them. At that time singam sir also came he is the police men. Motu ate samosa and got the power and fought with corona people and doreamon gave his machine to singam sir,so he killed other corona people. All the corona people died and all were happy. This is my small son s story. His name is prithiv. This is his imaginatory story. He is 8 yrs old


A nice story from an eight year old boy :ok_hand:

Thank you sir. He wanted me to post his story

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